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    Aren’t you going to bathe?
    My movements became deeper and less frequent, as if I wanted to pierce her through. At each push, Anya let out a groan, already more like a sob.
    I’ll fuck you! Let go who they say! Oh mom!
    The length of the arms did not allow me to get deeper into her ass, so I limited myself to the banal tickling of the sphincter. But, and this, it seems, was enough, since the davalka immediately finished (apparently, from old memory, she got used to being shoved into two holes at the same time).
    Damn it, fuck me already, let me sleep! my wife surrendered to this impudent Vovan with undisguised irritation, but I was at work today, I want to sleep!
    The Vetlugins, living in a seaside town, did not complain about the rarity of meetings with friends and relatives. And now, for two weeks, their father-in-law, Lyubin’s father, came to visit them. Ivan Sergeevich used to come alone, without his wife, whose illness did not allow her to stay in a sunny climate for a long time, so everything was as always.
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